Organised in accordance with the rules and regulations of ASA and WA. All athletes indemnify the National, Provincial and Regional bodies, sponsors and organizers against all and any actions of whatsoever nature.

Entry fees are non-refundable. A receipt/proof of payment may be required in case of any discrepancy with pre-entries.
Race venue is an alcohol free zone.
The race committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.
A tog bag storage facility will be available.
Refuse bins will be provided along the route. Please discard used water sachets into or near to these bins.
Littering may lead to disqualification. Please do not discard used water sachets beyond designated points.


Obey all Traffic Officials and Race Marshals.
The race will be run according to the rules of ASA, WORLD ATHLETICS (WA) rules. and AMPU house rules
No seconding will be allowed. No pacing of any kind.

Athletes for 42.2km marathon must be 20 years or older on the day of the race
Proof of age (ID) to be produced upon request on day of race.
All athletes will participate at their own risk.
Registered athletes must wear full club colours.
2024 license numbers on the front and back of the vest.
Remember to complete the Temporary license tear off slip immediately and hand it back to the organizer.
Age category ID tags must be clearly displayed for the duration of the event (back and front) by athletes competing for a category prize AND must be fixed on all 4 corners and not be covered by rain jacket or any shirt.
ASA license numbers must not be covered with any paper race numbers /race bib. This is a close competition for runners,
Category winners must be present at the prize giving ceremony or make prior arrangements to collect the award, failing to do so the athlete will forfeit his/her prize money. Prize money will be paid electronically with EFT and only after receiving of the anti-doping results were received.
Athletes need to submit their banking details.
No littering, please make use of waste boxes on the route – RUN CLEAN
Athletes that require submitting a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form (TUE) must do so to Sakumzi Qotsini at the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport at at least 30 days before the Competition
.Levy of entry fee must be paid over to Athletics Mpumalanga by race organizer.
Race Organiser: Caleb Lekhuleni 079 388 7861


If registered, provides a clearance permit from their Member Federation if required
to do so in terms of WA rule 4.2.or complies with WA regulations for Neutral
Athletes when applicable; and
Completes a disclaimer and declaration as envisaged in WA rule 4.1.c as follows :
Disclaimer and Declaration to be completed by foreign athlete
I confirm that it is my intention to participate in the event listed below and
hereby declare: The fllowing information is true and correct as completed in the registration form:

International Athletes:

Full name
Registered as race number
Citizen of (country)
Passport Number
Contact telephone number during race weekend
If not your own phone number provide name of owner
A: Non-Affiliation: I am not a member of any club or grouping affiliated to my National Athletics
Federation. (unattached runners will be issued with temporary race day
membership of ASA to enable them to compete in the event) B Affiliation: I am registered :
National Federation
With a club affiliated to the National
Affiliated Club Name
Affiliation Club Based in:
Club Registration Number

  1. I confirm that I am legally entitled to be in South Africa for the period of the race.
  2. I agree to being bound by, and to comply with the rules of WA, Athletics South
    Africa, and the event.
  3. I understand that I may be required and agree to be tested in terms of doping
    control rules and regulations.
  4. If I win any prize, I agree to be subject to the tax laws and exchange provisions
    of the Republic of South Africa.
  5. I understand that my clothing during the race must conform to WA advertising
    rules and regulations and any contravention thereof will make me ineligible for
    prize awards.
  6. I am not suspended, nor know of any investigation pending that might result in
    my suspension or ineligibility as an athlete under WA rules 20 to 23.
  7. I understand that I may only be represented in any dealings with the event by an
    Athlete Representative registered with ASA, and WA
  8. I absolve Athletics South Africa and its provincial structure, and the race
    organisers, of all and any responsibility and liability for my eligibility to
    participate and assume all responsibility, including any and all costs, resulting
    from a challenge to my eligibility to participate in the event.
    Signed at: _________________
    Signature: _______________ Date: ___________